CitiLogics was founded in 2009 by Jim Uber and Stu Hooper; Sam Hatchett joined the firm about a year later.  Together, we have more than four decades of experience working with the water industry, and conceiving, conducting, and managing water related research and development projects. We formed CitiLogics to harness that knowledge, and apply it toward solving real problems — especially those that don’t have ready and accepted solutions, or that need a fresh look from a new perspective.

At CitiLogics we don’t pretend to offer every kind of engineering service.  Our core knowledge is in modeling, analytics and software, and we build solutions to problems using that foundation.  We can deliver a wide range of services from complex engineering and data analyses, to fully functional custom software solutions.

Many clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of distribution system modeling tools and techniques, including the Epanet-MSX multi-species water quality model, the Epanet-RTX real-time modeling framework, and the TEVA-SPOT contamination warning system design software.  We supply expert-level services for these software systems because we were heavily involved in their development.

We are “honest brokers” of appropriate technologies, and help our clients clearly understand related benefits and costs.  Above all, we want to enjoy our work in the water industry, because productive and meaningful work should be enjoyed.

Unlike companies that choose to focus on a narrow technology, at CitiLogics we know the water industry — and the engineering, regulatory, and infrastructure context that drive your decisions.

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