CitiLogics: Innovative Water Analytics

The CitiLogics Advantage

You’ve heard all the talk. Real-time predictive analytics. Big data. Smart Water. Heck, we use those terms too. But CitiLogics backs it up with field-tested innovations, steeped in over a decade of research and development. We take the time to get the details right. Because details matter when you’re basing key business decisions on data analytics.

It took us a decade to develop EPANET-RTX — the real-time, physics-based, data fusion engine that powers our Polaris (TM) cloud-based analytics. RTX is the official real-time analytics engine of the USEPA, and we built it for them — and the whole water industry — as a set of open-source software objects.

You need accurate water quality predictions, so the Polaris real-time water quality engine is powered by the same multi-species water quality simulation technology that CitiLogics developed with the USEPA. That means: accurate water quality analytics, based on real water chemistry.

We didn’t rush to put together fancy dashboards; we put Polaris analytics to the test against complex data sets first, and then developed intuitive user interfaces you’ll use every day. That seemed to us the natural order of things. Because you don’t believe the marketing hype — you believe field-proven results rooted in the most rigorous methods. That has been, and always will be, the way we innovate.

Our Story
CitiLogics was formed by Jim Uber, Stu Hooper, and Sam Hatchett. Our founders infused the company with a deep knowledge of water distribution systems, modeling and data analytics, and software development. We’ve spent decades conceiving, conducting, and managing water related research and development projects. CitiLogics was formed to harness that knowledge, and apply it to better operate and manage large-scale urban water infrastructure systems.

Jim Uber, CEO and Co-Founder
Jim Uber has developed hydraulic and water quality models, and related technologies, for 25 years.  He earned a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois, and has an extensive background in modeling and systems analysis. Jim continues to be a leader in promoting the development of software to help water utilities better manage their assets — most recently as a co-developer of the TEVA-SPOT water security software and the EPANET-MSX multi-species water quality simulation package. His current efforts are focused on bringing the benefits of real-time modeling and predictive analytics to the water industry.

Sam Hatchett, CTO and Co-Founder
Sam Hatchett is the architect and developer of the EPANET-RTX software library, a foundational tool for connecting water utility hydraulic models with real-time SCADA data. At CitiLogics, Sam directs user interface and computational engine development for the Polaris real-time modeling/analytics platform. He has spoken extensively and led workshops at AWWA and ASCE conferences on topics of data-fusion, hydraulic modeling, and data visualization. Sam chairs the Project Management Committee of the Epanet Open Source project, which works to maintain and enhance the Epanet hydraulic and water quality model, ensuring that it remains a freely available community resource.