CitiLogics: Innovative Water Analytics

Next-Generation Analytics for Water Distribution Systems

CitiLogics is making data matter in the water industry.  
We bring the only real-time, scalable, data-driven situational analytics tools
to water system operators and decision makers – Period.

Insanely Complicated, Made Simple

CitiLogics brings research-level engineering expertise to practical-scale problems in the water and wastewater industry.  We develop models and analytics that help our clients better operate and manage their urban water infrastructure investments.

We specialize in real-time model and SCADA system integration; simulation and optimization; model calibration and verification;  geospatial and statistical analysis; machine learning; big data analytics; and custom software development.

Predict the Future of your Water System

Polaris is the only real-time, scalable, data-driven situational analytics tool for water system operators and decision makers. Our Polaris WorkBench™ and cloud-based analytics engine transform your raw operational and infrastructure data into high-value real-time performance indicators. 

Web-based, mobile-friendly Polaris™ interactive dashboards give operators and engineers easy access to current and forecasted system behavior, allowing them to anticipate pipe breaks, respond rapidly to incidents, and effectively manage risk and physical assets to improve efficiency and water quality. Polaris is a family of products which includes capabilities for turn-key integration, flight-simulator operator training, and intuitive web- and mobile-friendly dashboards for alerts and awareness at a glance.


Operators will routinely engage in situational response training, and conduct operational analyses to achieve optimization goals related to pressure, leakage, energy, and water quality management – just as a pilot uses a flight simulator.

Engineers will apply their infrastructure knowledge to these same tasks, while knowing their infrastructure models are continuously updated through a persistent connection to the operational record – enabling automatic estimation of water usage, operating rules, and pump head-discharge curves.

Managers will review automated dashboards and periodic reports showing trends in water leakage, energy usage, and water quality, and integrate those with past and future asset management decisions.

Physics-based Simulation Technology

Polaris integrates a SCADA HMI emulator, real-time network model forecasts, and an efficient scenario manager for creating and viewing alternative operational strategies.

Like an airline pilot in a flight simulator, Polaris helps operators learn to control their distribution system during critical system failures. Polaris supports realistic training exercises for imagined failure events, and efficient testing of real-time responses under actual emergency conditions — all within an intuitive graphical interface that mimics your existing SCADA views. Your operators can even use Polaris to develop and test new operations strategies that address hydraulic and water quality goals. These strategies are stored, modified, and played back within the same interface.

Why Polaris?

You have a lot invested in the development of your network model.  Money and time to represent infrastructure, collect field data, calibrate parameters, and keep the information up-to-date.

You also have a lot invested in your SCADA system.  Money and time to install telemetry, buy and configure software, implement controls, train operators, and maintain hardware.

Polaris leverages these past investments in planning-level network models and SCADA infrastructure, and makes them work harder for your organization.  Through SCADA/model integration, Polaris supports more realistic network model predictions, and more confident operator interventions.

How does it work?

Polaris uses an official USEPA physics-based simulation engine to efficiently discover district metered areas, calculate water and energy usage, and predict system behavior. It’s the perfect compliment to your SCADA system, turning sparse measurements into a full-spectrum view of your buried pipe infrastructure. Polaris is drag-and-drop analytic integration for your water utility.

The future is bringing in real-time data, and the capability to analyze those data, and identify where problems could happen before they really happen. CitiLogics’ Polaris is better than anything I’ve seen in the market place.
— Biju George – Director, DC Water